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Webinar: Impact of MODFLOW Model Spatial Discretization on Heads and Water Balances - Aug 30, 2019


Model discretization is the representation of reality (or the reality we think we know) on a numerical code. This representation has two main scales: temporal and spatial scale. On a general perspective, as long as our model is more refined with cells with dimension of meters our model will represent better the general conditions of the groundwater flow regime. However, if the cell refinement is larger, the amount of cells increases as well as the computational resources required.

A reasonable solution for an appropriate spatial discretization is fine cells on the area of interest and larger cells on the model border or in places with low interest. There is no clear criteria to define how “fine” should be a fine cell or how “coarse” has to be a coarse cell, but it will be great to develop these criteria based on the impact of the spatial discretization on the main model output.

This webinar deals with the analysis of the spatial discretization on head drawdowns and water budgets on a fully geospatial models. The webinar develops the explanation of the codes in Flopy for automated model simulation with different discretization, and the development of scripts for the head drawndown analysis on observation points and flow rates and accumulated volumes analysis from storage and the main boundary conditions.


The webinar has the following content:

  • Review of codes for automated model simulation with different spatial discretization.

  • Spatial analysis of boundary conditions extension regarding cell refinement.

  • Scripting with Python-Flopy for head drawdown analysis on observation points.

  • Spatial discretization impact analysis on model flow rates and accumulated volumes.

Date and time

August 30, 2019 at 11 am. Lima Time (GMT -5)

Estimated duration: 1h 45m.

Registration will be available till August 27.


This webinar is intended for hydrogeologists and numerical modelers. The workshop has no cost, the webinar video will be available for two months.

The webinar has two participation options:

  • Without Python scripting: Just watch the codes, descriptions and analysis

  • With Python scripting: However, participants are required to follow the instructions mentioned on the following video.

Anaconda distribution:

Flopy install command: pip install flopy

Input files:


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