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Webinar: Introduction to Climate Change Models for Hydrology with Python - Dec 27

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Registration available till December 26 at 5pm ET (New York time)

Climate change impact assessment on basin water cycle response requires a dataset of precipitation and temperature on certain temporal and spatial scales. Predictive climate change data for hydrological models is available from some webservers, but most times this data is restricted to amount of records available, spatial extend, type of climate change scenario and type of global circulation model (GCM) used. Besides, there are some concepts needed to understand and choose a appropiate dataset for an hydrological model with climate change scenarios.

This webinar aims to teach the most important concepts about climate change models, available web servers, predictive and historical data, data set types for hydrological models and Python commands to obtain precipitation and temperature data in an appropriate format for hydrological modeling.


The webinar has the following content:

  • Introduction to climate change models.

  • Definition of global circulation models (GCM).

  • Types of climate change scenarios.

  • Available web servers and data catalogs.

  • Description of manual queries.

  • Geolocation of points of interest in the GCM grid.

  • Time scale of the GCM.

  • Download data through Requests in Python.

  • Generation of output files with specific format.


The webinar will be perfomed held at:

December 27 at 5pm ET (New York time)

Estimated duration: 1h 45m.

About the speaker

Saul Montoya M.Sc.

Mr. Montoya is a Civil Engineer graduated from the Catholic University in Lima with postgraduate studies in Management and Engineering of Water Resources (WAREM Program) from Stuttgart University – Germany with mention in Groundwater Engineering and Hydroinformatics.Mr Montoya has a strong analytical capacity for the interpretation, conceptualization and modeling of the surface and underground water cycle and their interaction. 

He is in charge of numerical modeling for contaminant transport and remediation systems of contaminated sites. Inside his hydrological and hydrogeological investigations Mr. Montoya has developed an holistic comprehension of the water cycle, understanding and quantifying the main hydrological dynamic process of precipitation, runoff, evaporation and recharge to the groundwater system. 


The webinar is free and will be held trough a private Youtube streaming. Questions on text can be written on the video chat, and voice questions will done trough Whatsapp.

Level: Beginner. No prior knowledge is required.

To participate, complete the following two requirements:

1. Fill in the form at the bottom

2. Send the screenshots to , as indicated in this video:

Download Anaconda 3:


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