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Workshop TU Dresden: Introduction to Groundwater Modeling with MODFLOW and Flopy - 24 April 2019


Registration available till April 23 at 5pm ET (New York time)

MODFLOW is a software for groundwater modeling developed by the USGS. The software is capable of representing conditions related to groundwater flow such as evapotranspiration, recharge, drainage, river interaction among others. Its finite different approach gives the capability to calculate the flow regime with exceptional control on water budget discrepancy. With MODFLOW one can rely on that the flow going in the model is the same as the flow going out of it, from the regional scale and on cross sections.

Flopy is the Python library for the creation, simulation and output analysis of MODFLOW models. The library can handle a variety of MODFLOW versions as MODFLOW 2005, MODFLOW USG, MODFLOW and SEAWAT as well as utilities for model output representation and water balance analysis.

This workshop will bring an overview of the main features of MODFLOW and Flopy with a practical part of groundwater modeling on steady state with MODFLOW / Flopy on a Jupyter notebook.


The workshop has the following content:

  • Overview of Flopy in the interactive environment of Jupyter Notebook

  • Outline of a MODFLOW 2005 model file system.

  • Creation of a MODFLOW object in Flopy

  • Spatial and temporal discretization packages

  • Setting up boundary conditions

  • Model simulation

  • Representation of model results


The workshop will be located at:

Technische Universität Dresden

CHE 184

Buildung Neubau Chemie CHE

Bergstraße 66

01069 Dresden


Date and time

April 24, 2019 at 2 pm.

Estimated duration: 1h 45m.


This workshop is intended for normal groundwater modelers: consultants, researchers, and master students with thesis on groundwater modeling.

The workshop has no cost. However, participants are required to sent the screenshot as described on the this video to . A confirmation email will be sent.


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