HEC-ResSim 3.1: Learn about the Watershed Setup Module

HEC-ResSim 3.1 has three modules, which give access to directories and specific data of the current Configuration. Here, we will describe the characteristics of the Watershed Setup module.

Watershed Setup

This module is focused on the creation of watersheds. A basin is associated with a geographical region. For this area, it is possible to configure multiple models and vegetation covers. A basin can include all rivers, hydraulic structures, location of flow meters and hydrological and hydraulic time data.

Every time a new basin is created, HEC-ResSim generates a directory structure for all the files associated with it. 

Once a new basin is created, the user can import maps, specifying the measure units for visualization, add layers with additional information, create streams alignments, configure elements, add projects and create time series data.

The main window and the components of the module are shown here:


Description of the main components of the Watershed Setup module:

  • The following components are available:
  • Computation points: In these points it is possible to exchange data between models (for example, between HEC-ResSim and HEC-FIA).
  • Impact areas: Elements that represent parts of the basin affected by the level increase of a river, lake or reservoir. Here, flood damages will be evaluated.
  • Time series icons: indicate the places where time series data is available. It is possible to use these to represent the location of flow meters.

Source: USACE-User's Manual

Software download link: http://www.hec.usace.army.mil/software/hec-ressim/downloads.aspx
Software manual download link:  http://www.hec.usace.army.mil/software/hec-ressim/downloads.aspx

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