How to download Climate Change data from the World Bank Data API with Python

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World Bank has a Climate Change Knowledge Portal with information, data and reports about climate change around the world. The portal has an Climate Data API as REST framework that can provide Precipitation and Temperature data on historic and modeled dataset from 15 global circulation models (CGMs) and 2 emissions scenarios at country and basin spatial scale. There is a Python package called wbpy that makes really easy the access to the Climate Data API by few lines of code. There are options to download data on monthly, annual and decade timescale as Python dictionary data type. This tutorial show the main parts of the API, the involved codes and a example of usage for historic and future data.




Useful links

World Bank Climate Data API:

wbpy website:

Climate Change Knowledge Portal:

Water Base (for basin information):

Standard country or area codes for statistical use

IPCC emissions scenarios


Input data

Download the input data on this link.



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