How to insert Recharge Data Values correlated with Elevation into Model Muse - Tutorial

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One of the main boundary conditions of the groundwater flow systems is the recharge. This is a process where water from the surface moves downward reaching the groundwater. The rate of recharge can be influenced by several factors like water content of surface materials, type of soil, plant cover and precipitation rate.

Model Muse is a versatile MODFLOW graphical user interface (GUI) where it is possible to insert many boundary conditions and terrain characteristics in order to represent the real conditions of the groundwater flow in an accurate way.

In this tutorial, we are considering a case study where the recharge rate is correlated with the elevation which is a characteristic of Andean basins. We will show you how to insert this correlation of recharge-elevation values into Model Muse in order to have a better representation of the hydrological cycle of this basin.




Input files

You can download the input files here.

Saul Montoya

Saul Montoya es Ingeniero Civil graduado de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú en Lima con estudios de postgrado en Manejo e Ingeniería de Recursos Hídricos (Programa WAREM) de la Universidad de Stuttgart con mención en Ingeniería de Aguas Subterráneas y Hidroinformática.

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