How to Pythonify (modify and run with Python) a Pumping Test Model in MODFLOW

Working with graphical user interfases (GUIs) can be slow when one wants to do a severe trial-error runs on a groundwater flow model. Pumping test intepretation requires a lot of attemps in order to calibrate the steady and transient parameters as hydraulic conductivity, vertical anisotropy, specific storage and specific yield. 

This tutorial show a procedure to generate the modflow files and run them by scripts in Python. The process allows to setup a generic model for a pumping test interpretation where the pumping rates, and observed head can come in separate files or arrays.




Model files

You can download the model files for this tutorial here.

Saul Montoya

Saul Montoya es Ingeniero Civil graduado de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú en Lima con estudios de postgrado en Manejo e Ingeniería de Recursos Hídricos (Programa WAREM) de la Universidad de Stuttgart con mención en Ingeniería de Aguas Subterráneas y Hidroinformática.

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