IHP-WINS: The new UNESCO Platform of Water Information

Superposition on layers in IHP-WINS

Superposition on layers in IHP-WINS

The Water Information Network System is an open source and open access platform that combines geolocalized data. It was developed by UNESCO's International Hydrological Programme to serve as a global reference in the design and support of operations, management, and decision support functions for sound water resources governance. It is also designed to assist Member States in monitoring and implementing the Sustainable Development Goal to "ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all" (SDG6). 


IHP-WINS website

IHP-WINS website


The Secretariat of UNESCO's International Hydrological Programme (IHP) is populating the database with officially validated data provided by Member States and by UNESCO's water programmes and networks, comprising over 1500 water professionals worldwide. More than 150 layers of geolocalized data were available as of January 2017, when IHP-WINS was launched.

This information can be downloaded in shapefile format, for later visualization and analysis in any GIS software. The data can also be visualized on the website, even multiple layers at a time.

Here, we present some examples of the data available:


Proportion of population using safely managed sanitation


Level of water stress (2012)


Major World Rivers of the World



Access this useful platform here: http://ihp-wins.unesco.org/



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