Particle Tracking Simulation with Model Muse and Modpath - Tutorial


MODPATH is a particle tracking post-processing package that computes and displays three-dimensional pathlines based on output from MODFLOW. These pathlines help us to see the expected transport trajectories coming from a specific contaminant source. In addition, we can also use this package to obtain the time that these pathlines will take to reach a particular point. 

In this tutorial, we will show how to set up MODPATH to see the movement of particles over time coming from a  contaminant source and how these can be influenced by factors like the presence of low permeability areas.




Input Files

You can download the input files from this link.

Saul Montoya

Saul Montoya es Ingeniero Civil graduado de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú en Lima con estudios de postgrado en Manejo e Ingeniería de Recursos Hídricos (Programa WAREM) de la Universidad de Stuttgart con mención en Ingeniería de Aguas Subterráneas y Hidroinformática.

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