Tutorial of Unstructured Grid Groundwater Model with MODFLOW 6 and Model Muse 4


Of the latest devopments in groundwater modeling there are two softwares: Modflow 6 and Model Muse 4. both developed by the USGS. The first software is the latest version of MODFLOW that allows triangular and unstructured grids, and the second is the latest version (from June 23) of the graphical user interface Model Muse that supports Modflow 6.

Unstructured grid it a type of discretization that allows us to have small cells at certain parts of the model while the rest of the model has bigger cells. This optimization of the model grid and cell number decrease the computing time, the size of the output files and the speed of the visualization tools. With unstructured grids we can model a great extension while preserving the right accuracy of the points of interest, we can even insert regional faulting or complex geological setups.

This tutorial shows the complete procedure to create a geospatial model of a alluvial aquifer with the interaction of regional flow, river and wells. The tutorial creates the unstructured grid, boundary conditions, model geometry, simulate flow with MODFLOW 6 and represent results in Model Muse 4.


Input files

You can download the input files for this tutorial on this link.


Saul Montoya

Saul Montoya es Ingeniero Civil graduado de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú en Lima con estudios de postgrado en Manejo e Ingeniería de Recursos Hídricos (Programa WAREM) de la Universidad de Stuttgart con mención en Ingeniería de Aguas Subterráneas y Hidroinformática.

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