Unofficial MODFLOW flow and transport executables for Linux (Ubuntu tested)


It might be that you are a talented groundwater modeler and very proficient with Python and Flopy that you start to realize that you don´t need to work in Windows anymore and want to migrate your favorite groundwater modeling code to other nice, soft, and warm Linux-based operating systems. Or, it might be the case that you want to configure and run MODFLOW models as a part of a webapp or in a web server. For the reasons mentioned before and other reasons that modern world could bring to us, a compiled version of MODFLOW in Linux is needed.

Solutions for this task are available with the use of the Pymake library from the USGS (, however, we wanted to save your time and distress from installing libraries, testing and figuring out how to run MODFLOW in Linux. This post has a unofficial and highly enthusiastic repository of MODFLOW executables for Linux on 64 bits processors with some indications for the file installation. Executables have been tested on Ubuntu.

Installation notes

In order to install you should run these lines:

sudo apt-get install gcc-7 g++-7
sudo apt-get install gfortran-7

Then make the files executable in linux with this comand:

chmod +x modflowexecutable.file

Each modflow executable can now be launched by calling it as:





Executable: mf2005



Executable: mfnwt



Executable: mf6



Executable: mt3dusgs


Saul Montoya

Saul Montoya es Ingeniero Civil graduado de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú en Lima con estudios de postgrado en Manejo e Ingeniería de Recursos Hídricos (Programa WAREM) de la Universidad de Stuttgart con mención en Ingeniería de Aguas Subterráneas y Hidroinformática.

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