GIS Consulting

Water cycle, commercial activities, ecosystem interaction and other physical process in our environment are spatially distributed. In order to analyse and evaluate current conditions and future scenarios we need Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to connect your data with its position.

Hatarilabs develop different solutions on based on GIS for environmental studies, land cover evaluation, precision agriculture, resources management, climate change impact and others. 

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Fluid Dynamics Consulting

Simulation of dynamic behavior of fluids as water or air is essential for engineering process, environmental assessment or industrial design. Hatarilabs can simulate a variety of compressible and uncompressible fluids under a series of temperature, velocity and pressure conditions.

Fluid dynamics models are versatile for fluid simulation in a variety of temporal and spatial scales. Model parameter can be calibrated on laboratory test and model results are of great resolution. 

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Hydrology Consulting

The water cycle is influenced by climatic factors, rainfall. coverage and geology. If a parameter engineering design, or scenario for water management is required, Gidahatari has the right solution.

Gidahatari has a great ability to analyze the phenomena of the water cycle by mastering various hydrological modeling software. Our assessments are aimed at improving watershed characterization, validation of the models with observed conditions and predictive simulation scenario of water use and climate change and / or coverage. 

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Hydraulic Consulting

Rivers and streams present challenges in civil engineering works and planning of water resources. The hydraulic design should ensure good performance to extreme events and performance of works in the long term.

Gidahatari comprises the main factors that dominate the flow in rivers and dominates the main modeling codes including computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Our assessments determine areas of flooding, erosion banks, sediment transport, calculation of hydraulic structures among others.

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Hydrogeology Consulting

In many parts of the world groundwater resources are in the public interest due to the increasing demands, wasteful use and pollution. To meet this challenge is to implement a good planning and practices of integrated groundwater management.

Gidahatari evaluates the flow regime and groundwater quality at regional or local level, analyzing different scenarios of demand or impact to groundwater resource. We dominated most softwares for hydrogeological and hydrochemical modeling with extensive experience in projects.

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