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Webinar: Introduction to Groundwater Modeling with MODFLOW 6 and Flopy - Oct 31

MODFLOW6 is the last major version of MODFLOW developed by the USGS. This version brings new tools, features, a different arrangement of the working files, many discretization options and a new perspective of MODFLOW as a tool for the simulation of the groundwater flow regimen and the main related physical process.

Flopy is the Python library for the creation, simulation and output analysis of MODFLOW models. The library can handle an variety of MODFLOW versions as MODFLOW 2005, MODFLOW USG, MODFLOW and SEAWAT as well as utilities for model output representation and water balance analysis.

There are limited options of pre- and post-processing software for MODFLOW6, therefore the adoption of MODFLOW6 in research and consulting is limited to highly skilled programmers/modelers. Flopy brings some interesting tools for the development and simulation of MODFLOW6 models.

This webminar will bring a overview of the main features of MODFLOW6 and Flopy with a practical part of groundwater modeling on steady state with MODFLOW6 / Flopy on a Jupyter notebook.

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